Debit Card Fraud

Debit Card Fraud Prevention Calls

Tri-CU will NEVER ask you to provide personal or account information through email, a phone call, or text messaging, unless you initiate the inquiry with us.

All financial institution members or customers will encounter these scams. If you have any lingering doubts about whether or not a phone call, email, or text is truly from Tri-CU, below are some tips that may help:

  1. Even if the site looks like a Tri-CU website page, if the URL (web address) is not correct, it’s a FAKE. All of our pages will start with or 
  2. If the email makes it sound urgent, wants you to change your information now, or “confirm” your information now, it’s fake.
  3. If the email or web site asks you for a credit card number, a PIN, a CVV number, or your passcode, it’s fake.
  4. If the email you’ve been sent asks you to help us “update our database,” it’s a fake.
  5. If the email asks you to click on a link to “restore access to your account,” it’s a fake.
  6. If the email provides you with a link asking you to change your passcode, it’s a fake.
  7. Lastly, just never use an unsolicited link, to access Tri-CU Online Banking, type in our website yourself!

As a debit card or credit card holder, you may receive phone calls from our fraud prevention company requesting confirmation of recent transactions- especially if you are shopping out of town. If they left a number for you to call back please do so, or your card could be deactivated to prevent possible fraudulent use. You may also call the fraud department at: 1-800-262-2024

If you need to report your Credit or Debit card lost or stolen (or if you discovered fraud yourself) please call 800-417-8715 after hours or the Credit Union at 509-735-8331 (during our open hours), so we can be sure and process any possible reimbursements for fraud, or to order you a new card.

Remember: Legitimate fraud prevention phone calls will not ask for your account number, card number, birthday, social security number or any other personal information- and we will never contact (by phone, e-mail or otherwise) you to ask for this information, because we already have it! If you are suspicious that fraudulent transactions are being made on your account contact the Credit Union immediately or you could be liable for them.

Click HERE to download our Fraud Claim Packet.

Tri-CU must be informed IMMEDIATELY (by phone, or in person), of any suspected fraud on your account, to help avoid personal liability (so your card or account can be closed or blocked to prevent further fraud).  After Tri-CU has been advised of the potential fraud, then this completed form can be delivered to Tri-CU, to begin the official claim process. Please do NOT put any personal account numbers on this form if you plan to e-mail it (e-mail is not secure).  

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