Auto Warranty Services Questions:

When does the manufacturer’s warranty on your vehicle expire?
Answer: Right before you need it!

The automobile industry spends millions studying the longevity of their manufactured vehicles. If you were to dive into their data, you would discover that the majority of mechanical and system failures occur within the first few months of a vehicle’s life and/or after roughly 40,000 miles.

Certainly they want to provide a warranty on the car when it is new so that you will be happy with them and come back for more. They want their customers to drive away with peace of mind. However, that warranty goes away just as the data shows that more problems will pop up. According to the manufacturer’s data, when the warranty goes, the water pump goes. When the warranty goes, the transmission goes. When the warranty goes, the peace of mind goes.

TRI•CU has a program to help our members with this problem. We are now able to provide protection for your vehicle as well as peace of mind for you. Our coverage programs provide roadside assistance, trip interruption protection, rental car coverage, and other benefits in addition to covering the cost of parts and labor for your breakdown. Our program protects you and your vehicle nationwide and for an unlimited number of claims.

Regain your Peace of Mind. Talk to us about our Motorist Assistance Plan Service Contracts today. Financing options available, contact Trevor at 735-8331.

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