Application TermsBy entering your personal information in this loan and new account application, you warrant that you personally liveworkworship or attend school in Benton or Franklin County, Washington, and that everything you have stated is correct to the best of your knowledge. You understand that Tri‐CU will retain this information whether or not it is approved. You authorize Tri‐CU to check your credit history and retrieve your credit score, and to inquire about your credit experience or employment.  Upon loan approval, you further authorize TRI‐CU to open a basic share savings account for you and agree to the account terms and conditions (which will be electronically delivered during this application process) related to the basic share savings account as well as any future selected services, and to any amendment this credit union makes from time to time, which will be contained and incorporated within. You authorize Tri‐CU to provide information about your accounts(s) to any person or entity when required by law.

Important: If you have recently filed for Bankruptcy, are party in a current lawsuit, have any outstanding legal judgements against you, are an alien without permanent residency, or expect your income to decline in the next two years, then DO NOT proceed to the “click here” application below, instead apply at this link (, and disclose which of those statements are true in your situation through our normal online loan application process. Otherwise, you may continue to apply below:

Despite agreeing to and electronically signing loan documents, this account may not be approved or opened until the next Tri-CU operating business day, after Tri-CU verifies your identity, information and documents. Then, if approved, funds will be delivered directly to the contractor providing these HVAC services, on the applicant’s behalf. If required documents or verification are not received during this process by the applicant, funding will be delayed.

If you agree to these terms and are ready to enter the secure loan application portal

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